How to Easily get Photos from Your Computer into Picture-Menus Phone App


People often ask how they can get all those pictures that they already have from their computer and onto Picture Menus – the answer is simple


Move the pictures to a free Dropbox account, and then put Dropbox on your phone


Don’t try and manually move all those files over, simply follow these steps and easily get your pictures/logo/files into your phone’s internal storage:

  1. On your computer, download DropBox here
  2. Install and then create a Free account
  3. On your computer, log in to Dropbox with your account, open up Dropbox and then copy over all the necessary files
  4. Download the Dropbox App on your phone and login
  5. When you create an Item, simply choose “Select from Gallery” option and then you will see Dropbox and all your files listed as an option


Moving pictures and files from your computer to phone is very easy and is also a great way to backup and protect any files that you want to preserve.