How to Set Up and Use Your Picture Menus Profile

Picture Menus is a free service that allows anyone to create an online, web-based picture menu.  You simply snap the photos and then organize them by category


  1. Use the App or Web Console to create your account
  2. Create Categories (i.e., Entrees, Desserts, Cocktails, etc.)
  3. Add Items by uploading or snapping photos and then assign those items to a category
  4. Publish your menu to the Map (or keep it hidden), Share It, Print and check your Analytics


  1. Picture generate more sales and increase the perceived value
  2. Skip a web developer and create an online menu in minutes
  3. Ready to go printable marketing with QR Codes built in
  4. Better customer experience and selection process
  5. It’s FREE and people WANT these pictures
  6. Take control of your online presence and skip the cluster**** that is Facebook posts and Yelp images


free picture service

When starting the App, upload your Logo or snap a picture that can serve as your profile pic (if you don’t a logo add a temporary image and you can easily change it later).

You will want your logo to follow the dimensions of at least 440×220 or, in other words, be rectangular with a 2×1 size ratio

If your photos are all on a computer or uploading from storage doesn’t work you can easily move pictures from your computer to your phone using this blog post

You can also use our web-based version of the system by clicking on the LOGIN link at the top of the page

Once you upload your logo, enter your phone number & physical address if you want people to find you using the GPS on their phones.


free online menu for my business

When snapping a photo, use landscape with 4:3 ratio

To start adding pictures to your menu/list, you must first create categories – there are no limitations here so create as many or as few categories as you’d like– examples include Food Categories, Service Types, Merchandise, Staff, Equipment, Drinks, and literally anything else that you want to have a picture list for

After creating all your categories, you can then click on ITEMS and start assigning items to these categories.

ITEMS can be snapped from your phone, pulled from phone/computer storage, or even pulled from cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive & Dropbox

MAJOR PICTURE MENU BENEFIT 2  – SNAP PHOTOS WITHIN THE APP OR USING PHONE STORAGE – We recommend setting aside an hour or 2 and snapping all your items at once using your phone’s built-in Camera App on landscape (you can use our App as well) – just spend a couple of hours snapping as many photos as possible and then create your menu by selecting the photos you’ve already taken!  The menu can be ready to go in just a few hours

When you create an item, fill in a name, a price (which will show up when people click on the picture) and any additional information you’d like by selecting the CUSTOM FIELDS section – custom fields come with a “Title” and “Description” and will show up when people click on the item


why you should get an online menu

Examples of useful custom fields could be:

  • Links to Shopping carts
  • Style/Sizes
  • Ingredients
  • Descriptions
  • Additional Ordering Options
  • Contact info w/ Email Addresses & Phone #’s
  • Where to buy

After you create your categories & items you will be able to go back and rearrange them any way you like – we call this MENU ENGINEERING and here’s a blog post highlighting creative ways to increase profit by playing with your menu structure

When you are done adding items you can click on the purple MENU button to view  and share your menu 

The Analytics button lets you see how many visitors, which items they are clicking on and how much time people have spent reviewing your menu

If you click on the MORE button, you will be able to ENABLE your listing on the Map, send FEEDBACK via email, SHARE THE MENU, PRINT THE MENU and there is a button to update your PROFILE


The PROFILE button takes you to a place where you can share your Menu in 3 ways:

  1. how to get a free online menu makerShare your Pic-Menu Profile URL Link this is a link to your menus web page
  2. QR codewhen scanned, this will also take people directly to your online menu
  3. Printable PDFThis is a ready-made printable PDF which that contains the URL and QR Code and can be left on tables, handed to customers, or attached to any marketing material

If you already have a website and want to put your picture menu on your own website you can do that as well:

  1. Put a link to your picture menu on your website
  2. Use iFRAME to embed your menu onto your site – iFrames are a free and easy way to show your picture menu on any outside website – click here to see instructions on how to embed your Picture Menu on your website