How to Add your Picture Menu to your website using a Lightbox

One of the main benefits of Picture Menus is being able to create a free and beautiful online menu for your products and services without spending a dime. and iframe menu to your website

These instructions will tell you how to add your Picture Menu to your WORDPRESS website (if you don’t use WordPress, you can still do this but may need to contact your web developer)

    1. Login to your WordPress website using the WPadmin panel
    2. Go to Plugins on the left-hand side and select Add New
    3. Search for:   Advanced iFrame
    4. Click Install Now
    5. Now go back to PLUGINS – Installed Pluginsadd another website to your website picture menus
    6. Find the Advanced iFrame plugin and Activate it
    7. You should now see “Advanced iFrame” on the bottom left menu
    8. Click on Basic Settings and you will see examples of the code you need to add to your web page which will depend on how you want to size everything – we typically recommend the width- 100% and height- 600 option
    9. Make sure to change the URL from to your picture Menu’s URL (simply copy and paste your URL from our website) 


Below is an example of how it will look when you enable this Free iFrame Feature: