Owners end up investing a lot of time and money on professionals to create and print physical menus and spend next to nothing on their easier (and more profitable) counterparts, the ONLINE MENU!

In this new dynamic world where almost everything is being decided online, paper menus can be a burden while a digital menu has limitless financial benefits – and now thanks to Picture-Menus, an online menu costs nothing and requires to technical skill to manage

It’s hard to excite a customer with  “CHEESESTEAK SANDWICH WITH FRIES”

Based on research conducted by OpenTable, 86% of customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out and customers HATE that small PDF menu jammed into your website.

The lack of images and the archaic PDFs force people to view your menu items through old Facebook posts and Yelp Images uploaded by random people


Physical menus also mean STATIC MENUS because of the cost to change them


Restaurants often stick with incorrect pricing and un-popular items because of the cost of menu changes

There is also the embarrassment and customer disappointment when their desired dish isn’t available – with Picture-Menus you can simply disable that item so that they don’t see it in the first place

A paper menu only tells customers about the dishes you have to offer at a fixed point in time – the same goes for that, ugggghhh, PDF thing that everyone is getting driven to these days

STOP using a QR Code to take people to a PDF on your website and send them to something more powerful and more likely to increase sales

Not only are pictures more engaging and unique but they also require no “IT” team or consultants to manage them.

Do you have a separate specials board?


To keep customers coming back and attract a new crowd, restaurants create new and exciting dishes, but with this comes the creation or updating of paper menus or write-outs on a chalkboards

This archaic procedure doesn’t tell even let you know if people even bothered to look at your specials. With an online picture menu you simply snap a photo, create a SPECIALS category and make it the first thing customers see. 

The specials get seen and you can easily manage changes

Paper gets ruined so easily and that weathered look makes you look weathered


A freshly printed menu may look great at first but restaurants can’t completely protect the paper menu from water, germs, stains, kids and other wear & tear. Even if you spend more on plastic covers you still have to pay staff to clean and maintain them.

Look modern and sharp with a beautiful digital menu

Just pop our QR Code on the table or tell them to go to and their phones GPS will take them to your menu – you can keep the physical menu and test out customers reaction to this new option (and you will quickly see which wins out the majority of the time)

MORE Benefits of a digital menu


Better ROI –  Every salesperson talks about ROI and it’s not hard to quickly see why your ROI will go a lot further with a digital menu.

First off, it can be browsed by millions of customers online without the complexity and costs of a printed menu and can provide meaningful insights in real-time. With our analytics section, the restaurant owners can see what people are clicking on and re-arrange or adjust pricing instantly.

More attractive with real photos – Dish photos and recommendations can help 85% of customers order dishes so add mouth-watering photos of your dishes to bring in more customers and make their ordering process easier/faster – they will now look at the food and not the price!

Major cross-selling opportunities– If you want to increase sales of a drink, then include a picture of that drink with another popular item – a high-margin drink will look GREAT next to your bestselling high-margin food items

Cross-selling opportunities are limitless – you could even get a distributor/vendors to pay you to exclusively put their beers/food/items on your picture menu

Flexible to change – It’s easy and quick to update a digital menu and can be done by anyone with a smartphone. W

hen the restaurant wants to add a daily special, they just take a photo and add a few details. If a dish has just sold out, it can easily be  marked as “hidden” and enabled later on




Don’t worry about translations, disabilities, children or anyone else who may have trouble reading because a digital menu can serve ALL customers




A well-executed initial menu-engineering effort can increase a restaurant’s profits by 10% to 15% on an ongoing basis

Categorize menu items according to profit and popularity levels and test those theories by easily rearranging and tweaking price/descriptions


First off – Break out your categories into easily digestible sections: Vegetarian Entrees, Seafood Entrees, Meat Entrees, Beer, Cocktails, etc.

However you define your sections, be sure to keep distinct types of menu items separate from each other (that is, don’t include a collection of vegetarian entrees and meat entrees in the same section).

Go through each of your menu items, and using data for a recent time period (perhaps the most recent month), place each menu item into one of the following four quadrants:

why you should get an online menu


Stars—high profitability and high popularity

Horses—low profitability and high popularity

Puzzles—high profitability and low popularity

Dogs—low profitability and low popularity


Play with descriptions and prices and don’t just list the ingredients, use evocative text that can further excite a guest’s interest.

You can use interesting stories, the food’s history, brand names, descriptions of quality, etc. – Humanizing a dish takes it out of the realm of being a commodity.

Also, customers are more likely to order one of the first items they notice on the menu – as such, it’s essential to direct your guests’ attention to your high-profit margin items right away.

In each section on your menu, place your profitable items at the top and bottom of the list.

Being able to easily test, re-arrange and update your menu is another great benefit to an online picture menu




A well-designed digital menu helps a restaurant gain online exposure, increase awareness, improves the customer’s dining experience all while increasing profitability.

On top of being time and cost-effective, it also enables you to keep up with the continually increasing demands of online ordering and online browsing.

A truly digital menu is eco-friendly, enables restaurants to gain a deeper understanding of the success of their menu offerings and empowers them to get active feedback from their patrons while increasing $$$ and decreasing hassle